Anecdote lift the lid on the branding process IN 6 short videos

A series of short videos which lift the lid on the branding process and the transformative benefits it WILL have on your business.

1. What is Branding?

We explain what branding is in Layman’s terms.

2. Why do we need the discovery phase before creative exploration?

We explain why the discovery phase of the branding process is critical to its success.

3. How long does the branding process take?

We layout how long the branding process takes for small to medium-sized businesses across Kent and the South East.

4. How many people should be involved in the branding process?

We explain why it’s vital to bring a cross-section of your trusted employees into the process from the beginning, from bottom to top.

5. Will branding help company culture and transform a company’s fortunes?

We explain how branding creates transformational change for a business’s culture and importantly the bottom line.

6. How much does branding cost?

The question everyone wants answered no matter what you are buying whether a car, holiday, or brand. Let us explain.