Understanding branding and the power it provides businesses across kent

We get very frustrated when we hear of agencies selling branding to clients when what they are actually selling is a visual style.

Firstly, it’s confusing for the client because they are led to believe they are getting something they are actually not. 

Secondly, these agencies can massively over charge or under charging for a service they don’t really understand themselves. 

So let’s take a minute to untangle what the difference is, and why it’s important.  

What is a visual identity?
A visual identity is what it says; a logo, images, colours, typeface, played out across marketing applications.

What is a brand identity?
A brand identity goes to the heart of a business. It takes everything about the business; the good stuff, bad stuff and the lovely stuff, helps remove the bad stuff, focuses on the business’s key objectives and target audiences. It defines a business’s purpose, values, character and positioning. Only once these foundations have been agreed by key stakeholders can you then understand how the business should look, feel and sound to the outside world.

Look at it like this, a visual identity is window dressing. A brand identity is the foundations, house, curtains, the full five bed detached house or bungalow if you prefer. 

It’s really important business’s understand and appreciate the difference. A brand identity provides much more value in the long term than just visual style.

Read our insights article on ‘The secrets of successful branding for Kent businesses here.

Visual identities aren’t all bad!
We don’t want to be too down on a visual identity. For some business’s they make sense. Why? Well, they’re more cost effective to deliver and can be implemented quicker. It isn’t an ideal world; sometimes there is little time, something just needs doing and fast.  

If you have the time and budget, invest in the branding process wholeheartedly. If deadlines and budget are tight, pitch for the visual identity.

The power of brand communications

Refresh your business’s visual toolkit and reap the rewards
How long has your company had the same brochure? Or what about its Linkedin graphics, social headers or websites photography and graphics? The trap a lot of businesses make are to think it’s fine, we don’t need to update or worry about those details. Well maybe fifteen years ago we’d agree, but today, no. 

Making sure every customer touchpoint of your business is fresh and optimised is critical in delivering leads and new business. If you’re not doing it, your competitors will be.

Services we provide

A trusted brand identity
Your purpose, values, character, narrative and market position. Logo, tone of voice, colours, typography, graphic assets, photography

Visual identity
Logo, colours, typography, photography

Create ownership for your business through authentic images not stock photography

The symbol of your business

Advertising campaigns
Creating demand for the service or products you are selling

Brand communications
Business Cards
Flyer’s, Posters, Banners
Brochures, Catalogues
Business Reports
Menu Design
Print Advertising
Presentation Design
Event Graphics
T-shirt Graphics
Photo Editing

As a small or medium sized business, budgets vary as do time frames. Anecdote understand that. Our aim is always to help bring answers rather than questions to any project we take on; providing agility and convenience at each stage of a project’s lifecycle.

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