CineArk provides and stores state-of-the-art film equipment for film and TV professionals. CineArk was born out of the frustration of its founders, who are all industry freelancers with extensive experience on high end productions. They bemoaned the lack of storage options and costs involved with maintaining equipment and transporting it.

The idea
Store and supply film equipment
As this was a start-up it was really important to tell the world exactly what CineArk done, so we devised a very simple and straight forward strapline, CineArk, ‘Store and supply film equipment’ 

Visually it would off been easy to create ‘another techy corporate logo’ for CineArk. The power of brand amongst other things is the power of differences. Well for us the difference was in the name. It’s such a great name that we had to use it as inspiration for the logo.

Protect and project
We simplified the essence of an ark to describe the idea of cover and protection. Personality to the brand is projected by taking ownership of one colour, alongside using a variety of ‘treated’ photography which celebrates many attributes of the industry, connecting with their target audiences.

The impact
“I am delighted with the work Anecdote have done for us. The logo is great and the different types of imagery we apply creates a really ownable feel for us. It was 5 years ago we launched and our turnover has tripled, not all down to this brand work, but it’s definitely part of the uplift.”
Mustafa Tyebkhan, Co-founder, CineArk


Brand identity
Brand communications
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