Behind the movies

CineArk provides the movie industry with leading remote production kit and workflow management.

Behind the movies

CineArk provides the movie industry with leading remote production kit and workflow management.



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CineArk started out as a storage facility for film and broadcast equipment back in 2016. The business was growing fast and by 2020 they realised they needed some consistent brand and marketing support.

CineArk’s business and service offering was changing; not only were they storing film equipment, but they were now developing and creating remote production technologies which were being used across the industry.


The Challenge

When the Covid pandemic hit, CineArk was ahead of the curve with remote production and their expertise attracted more business.

They were using a range of creative freelancers to help promote their new products and services, but there wasn’t a joined-up approach.

With the pace of product and services growth, plus a mixture of creative supplier support, their communications became inconsistent and difficult for new customers and new team members to get a grip of.

Without clear alignment and understanding of how best to communicate their products and services, they realised they would be confusing the situation further, and missing out on opportunities in which they would otherwise excel.


The plan

Anecdote’s founder created the logo back in 2016, and had been one of their creative freelancers working with them on specific projects until 2020 when Anecdote started.

Since 2020, Anecdote has been an ongoing creative partner working with CineArk.

During this partnership, we have been able to organise and define why the business exists; what it values; it’s vision; and how it’s working towards achieving it.

These are the foundations of any good business from a brand sense, as it creates a solid reliable platform from which everything branches.

Alongside working with them strategically to define the business, we have created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that explains what the business is and where it is heading, as well as showcasing how the business looks visually across all brand touchpoints.



The results

CineArk’s growth is astonishing, we can’t divulge specific numbers but they are very impressive.

CineArk’s brand story and direction of travel are now clear and coherent. All branded sales collateral is aligned visually and consistently.

Anecdote has created a new website which clearly communicates CineArk’s service offer, whilst bringing to life the brand verbally and visually. This is one of a number of bigger projects on which Anecdote has been working with the company.

Another one is a complete brand audit of their new facility in Beaconsfield; creating signage and branded interior graphics to build the brand into the fabric of the business as it continues to grow at pace.

Anecdote continues to work with CineArk today.


We have been working with Bruce at Anecdote for the past couple of years and we’re very satisfied with his ideas, speed of delivery and find him very personable to deal with and a good communicator.

Dan Hartley, Director, CineArk

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