Providing the best support

Entrepreneur Beta drive entrepreneurial growth in business, education, and society.

Providing the best support

Entrepreneur Beta drive entrepreneurial growth in business, education, and society.


Entrepreneur Beta

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Kajal Sanghrajka, Founder of Entrepreneur Beta came to us with a big challenge. With years of experience working within many high-level roles for businesses such as Deloitte, she had set up her own consultancy helping diverse entrepreneurs and their businesses launch and scale.


The Challenge

The business offered a range of services to a diverse set of audiences, and it was becoming difficult to define and explain these in a clear and coherent way.

Due to the nature of the projects the business was working on, there was a certain amount of service and audience cross over and, in that situation, trying to clarify and communicate specific offers was tricky.

There was a feeling that a certain amount of potential and opportunities were being left on the table due to this, so it was important to get all the information on a board and work out which audiences need which services and at what point, from project to project.

Not being able to define these messages would lead to the same issues raising their heads, with potential projects taking longer to convert or not happening.


The plan

For us to help we needed to ask the business some difficult questions. The business had all the answers; it was a case of finding them out and organising them in a way which would resonate with the target audiences.

With Kajal, we worked through a comprehensive business integration workshop with each task, designed to provide the answers we needed to define the services, audiences and the purpose of the business, and the key pillars of how the business helped its customers.

The outcomes of this workshop provided clarity and a creative brief to explore how to bring the business to life visually. The name came from discussions during the workshop itself.

The results

Through the upfront business integration work we did with Kajal, the purpose of the business became clear.

Alongside that clarity, we were able to define the key audiences Entrepreneur Beta is for, and the services which best fit these audiences.

We created a bright and vibrant visual representation of the business that projects that entrepreneurial spirit that many of her audiences are dialed into.

We used a set of illustrations to add ‘ownability’ to the brand’s toolkit; illustrations which we could animate to add to the energy-positive nature of the services Entrepreneur Beta offer.


We also created the Entrepreneur Beta website, starting from scratch and building it in line with what Entrepreneur Beta audiences would want to know and understand before engaging further. A knowledge hub was created to show her breadth of knowledge and the vast network Entrepreneur Beta had to help throughout a project’s lifecycle.

We loved working with Kajal on Entrepreneur Beta and as such have partnered with her on other projects. We hope to continue partnering and supporting where possible for the long term.


I could not have imagined a better partner to design and deliver our website than Anecdote. In every process from the brand workshop to detailed website edits, Bruce at Anecdote went the extra mile to ensure the final product exceeded our expectations. He is patient and clear in his approach and we hope to work on many more digital projects with Bruce and his team.

Kajal Sanghrajka, Director at EntrepreneurBeta

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