Freddie's pages

Anecdote were commissioned to design and create a cloth bound book for a lady who wanted to tell the story of her Australian grandfather, Frederick Gordon Octigan.

The idea
His walk through the stage of his life
We were given bundles of notes and imagery for the book. When approaching a book like this it’s important to understand the audience and how they would want to work their way through it. For that reason we broke the book down into sections, making sure the design carried the right amount of visual pace, using big double spread imagery alongside more text heavy pages to bring contrast and to keep the reader engaged. There were 48 short stories in all which we designed over 142 pages.

The results
Eight books with printed and bound by Jo bird book binding in London. The book was finished with a featured dust jacket and a foil embossed logo on a cloth bound cover.


Editorial design
Printed collateral


A Great British brand for dogs and their owners.

A selection of ideas, designs and scribbles we love but didn’t make it.