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An irresistible market position that attracts more of your dream customers

Our offer to you is simple. We work with you to create an irresistible market position which attracts more of your dream customers.

You have objections, let us help put your mind at rest...

We’ve never heard of you?

Anecdote agency has been open for business since October 2020. The business itself is new to the marketplace.

How do we know you’re credible?

The founder and Creative Director of Anecdote, Bruce Smith has worked in the creative industry for over 16 years. Bruce has high-level experience working with businesses across many sections. Companies he has worked with extensively include- Shakespeare’s Globe, EDF energy, Tata global beverages, The Crown Estate, Regent Street, Brecon Beacons National park, Channel 4 among many others.

Your business address is residential, why?

As with a lot of business post covid, we do not require offices to provide our services. We work remotely and go to client offices as required.

How do we know we’re getting value for money?

The experience within the business is of great value to our customers. We are constantly training to keep up with the fast-paced nature of how marketing and brands are created and deployed. We also have a bank of proven processes that we know deliver efficiency across a project’s life cycle. We have seen the problems that arise throughout a project and are well-placed to manage them before they become a big issue.

We’ve had a bad experience before, how are you any different?

The two most important words we are constantly thinking about are Honesty and Transparency. We will always provide you with clarity, make the confusing, clear, the difficult, stress-free, and the delivery, a guarantee. More on that later. Unfortunately, the barrier to entry is very low and lots of people have a crack at it without even having the necessary qualifications to be able to provide professional advice and experience. We are at the opposite end of that spectrum.

We don’t have the time to run through the process.

You’d be surprised how stress-free and enjoyable working with us is. We provide a structured process and timeline to every project. This structure to tailored to individual businesses’ requirements. For example, if you have a finite amount of time each week, we can schedule a time that is best suited to you, even if that is in the evening. We work in a way that provides convenience for you.

We don’t have anyone here to run the process and I’m too busy

We can provide a dedicated marketing manager for your business. We create clear goals and objectives, with clear progress reports deliver to you in a way that is convenient, whether that’s via email or weekly video progress calls at a time which is best for you.

We can’t see a financial benefit fast, so why bother?

Depending on your requirements, seeing a significant uplift on your bottom line can vary. For example, defining and deploying a new brand identity will take time to bed into the market and returns will be gradual but consistent. Driving traffic to your website can happen in a matter of days. It all depends on our understanding of where the problems are and how best to tackle them most cost-effectively to provide maximum value for your business.

We like to work face to face but you’re a hundred miles away

Due to covid, the ability to do business anywhere in the world has changed forever. The ability to deliver in this virtual world via video calls is now commonplace. Ultimately, we can work with you physically face to face if that is your requirement, the cost of us getting there and the time taken would be factored in.

How can we be sure you’ll deliver what you say you will?

We guarantee all of our work. If the work we do for you is not to the standard you expected we will not charge you. We want to reassure you that we are the real deal and for that to happen we provide a guarantee on all our work.

Can we run the process ourselves after we’ve completed the project?

This all depends on your specific requirement. For example, if we designed and developed a website for you, we can provide the necessary training for you to deploy news articles each week. We can create specific marketing strategies for you to implement yourselves. It comes down to the complexity of the services and the talent you have in your business.

We’re always concerned with hidden costs, how do we know that won’t be the case?

As spoken earlier, we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent. We look at worse case scenarios rather than ‘Yeah we can do all that for you’. We provide a fixed price for specific projects with a full breakdown of hours and costs associated with them.

We don’t know how branding, marketing, websites work so we won’t do it because we’re scared we’ll be taken advantage of financially

Unfortunately, there are a minority of businesses out there that give our industry a bad name. We aren’t interested in sales or marketing fluff, we’re interested in helping your business develop an irresistible market position that attracts more of your dream customers. We’ll talk to you in a way your nan would understand. And if you don’t understand, just ask.

Your quote is twice the price of another quote I got. Why should I pay double?

Buy cheap, buy twice. We have proven experience at an international level. We don’t just work with anyone. It is a two-way relationship and we charge according to our experience and the value we bring as creative communication specialists. We’re not interested in working with people who are solely price-driven.

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If you’re not solely price-driven but more value driven then we can offer a free 30-minute blueprint session. 

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There is absolutely no pressure to buy from us, it’s not a hard sell, it’s an opportunity for you to talk to experts who can help your business.

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