Bruce Smith

Anecdote founder

Anecdote shows you how to write like JK Rowling

Writing great content for your website is key when looking to generate traffic and inquiries.

In the most successful cases, a single blog post has been responsible for generating over $8 million worth of sales over a 10 year period. That’s how powerful answering the questions, customers want answered is, as long as it’s easy to reading and engaging.


Hook them in, grab their attention

In our media-filled world, people are bombarded with ads in all spheres of their lives. Most minds have trained themselves to ignore most of it. This means you are going to have to work really hard to grab your prospects attention. How? 

Well 3 ways to consider, 

A knock out headline
Get some inspiration from The Sun newspaper (Their’s a reason it trumps all UK papers readership hands down, whether you read it or not) 

A hero image
We are visual people, imagery plays an important part in grabbing attention, so make sure the image you use is interesting and not like everyone else. A knock headline and image, you’re on to a winner!

A video
Video trumps static images online hands down, but us Brits are someone introverted when it comes to getting on camera. I guess it depends on how much you really want to drive leads as to whether you’re willing to do it.


Pique their interest, make sure they keep reading

There’s one goal you have during the interest stage which is to make sure the readers see how well you understand their problem.

To do this use bullets and subheadings, and break up the text to make your points stand out.


Build the desire for what you want to offer

The key here is to clearly communicating what you can do for anyone who decides to spend their hard-earned money on your product or service.

Here are 4 ways to thinking about this

Showcase the most important benefits of what you offer

Demonstrate how your offer makes the readers life easier and better

Evidence the results through testimonials

Provide further evidence through case studies with results to back them up


Tell them exactly what to do…

Anticipate and eliminate the risk that would stop people from doing what you want them to do.

Don’t muck around by being subtle, the reader should be aware of your offer and you need to provide them with a straightforward way to act.

Provide a great call to action, a button which encapsulates why they need to click it.

So how does that feel?

Has this given you enough to go with? Get started today and make waves on your website, drive traffic and leads by writing like JK Rowling. Don’t overthink things, just crack on and give it a go!