Lande are a leading property development business in the South East of England. They work on a wide range of projects from small extensions through to new house builds. After a year in business they realised they needed to refresh their identity to an ever-growing list of customers.

The idea
Never settle for good enough
Never settle for good enough came from their passion for doing the job to the highest possible standards. The statement didn’t feel like another cookie cutter statement, it was them talking honestly and directly to their customers. We presented three ways of visually positioning Lande, one which was reassuringly builder, another which felt more bigger and more corporate and the third which was upmarket, positioning them as the bespoke go to builder of choice. Lande chose bigger and more corporate realising that bespoke could remove them from a pool of potential customers.

The impact
“Anecdote have transformed our visual appearance and personality. We’ve had lots of positive feedback from the industry and customers in general. Our vans are now very impactful and have become a great billboard for us as a business.”
Jamie Luck, Co-founder, Lande


Brand identity
Brand communications
Printed collateral
Advertising campaign 
Vehicle graphics


A selection of ideas, designs and scribbles we love but didn’t make it.

Bespoke menu design and signage for two north London hair and wellness salon