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Here at Anecdote we only focus on the services we know we can provide real value for.

For that reason and to help our customers, we have created 3 marketing bundles to simplify what we can deliver you for a set price.

These costs are set in stone to bring clarity, build trust and deliver real value for our customers. 

To be able to provide these prices we work to a formal and rigorous process for effectiveness and speed of delivery.

It’s a simple and straight forward process which both parties need to feed into wholeheartedly for the project to be successful.

All in or not in at all, that’s what we expect of ourselves and the businesses we work with.

the 3 most important marketing elements businesses need in the 21st century

There is a multitude of marketing channels to combat as a business today. 

We focus on the 3 most important  marketing elements as we see it, others may disagree, but for us they’re the most effective. 

The outcome of these elements feed into many other marketing channels, for example, social media, but for us, the 3 most important marketing elements business need in the 21st century are:


A trusted brand identity

A truthful, honest and authentic brand identity which visually and tonally nails the values, personality and determination of the business now and for the future.


A customer centric website experience

A website which encapsulates your brand identity and is whole heartedly wrapped around the customer experience which is less about the business and more about the customer and how the business can help the customer.


Helpful email marketing

Email marketing is the bane of many peoples lives but it is a great way of talking to lots of people very easily for FREE.

The trick here is to build up a database of warm, engaged prospects. But how do you do that?

Well, you answer the questions they want the answers too. It’s that simple. You don’t sell, you just help.  As long as you are consistent and continue to provide useful content sooner rather than later they will either contact you or you can contact them to see if they want to talk more. They will listen, trust has been built.

How the process works

The process is broken down into 4 stages. Think of it like building a house. Stage 1 will require a number of key stakeholders but thereafter the project can be managed by a single person from the business’s side with collective presentations throughout to make sure there is overall buy-in before rollout.


Defining why your business exists and what you want it to achieve

We meet virtually or set up a meeting to hold a brand discovery workshop. We provide a series of tailored workshop exercises to extract the key outtakes we need to better understand your business, your marketplace and most importantly your customers. These outtakes then feed into creating the verbal building blocks of your business.



A defined purpose
Why your business exists

Where you want to get to in the next 2-3 years

A plan to deliver the vision

Putting the strategy into action to deliver on the vision


Design out what the business looks like and how it talks to its customer’s

Once both parties have clarity on the outcomes of stage one we then move onto understanding what that looks like visually and tonally. This is where we will demonstrate how it starts to come to life across print and digital applications.


Creative exploration of stage one
Explore the findings of stage one to understand what the business looks and sounds like

A defined visual representation of your business
Once we are all agreed on the visual approach which takes in logo, colour, typefaces, imagery and application, we distill that knowledge down into a set of brand guidelines which helps others understand your business and how it needs to be represented


Design & delivery of branded customer centric website

Once the brand identity has signed off we then move onto bringing it to life digitally. This is where the vision, strategy and mission come into play as your website will play a key role in delivering on the vision. 


Defining the customer experience through a sitemap
With the knowledge both parties now have across the board, we can now apply that thinking into your website to create a customer-centric experience

Designing the website
We then design out the website making sure it dovetails with all the brand work and insights we have collated and defined

Developing and launching the website
Once the designs are signed off we go into development. This is where the experience comes to life. Once all copy has been writing, shorter and more succinct the better we can test it, deploy SEO and security tools and push live.


Define a 3 month content marketing email campaign to drive leads to the website

This is where all the hard work tightens up and comes together to create real value. 

Once the brand is defined and your website is live it is now time to drive inbound enquires. But how? Well, forget selling, that’s not going to work. Off the back of the stage 1 outcomes we now have a vision, strategy and mission for how to get there. 

These provide the framework by which we create content to communicate with prospects. The most important thing to remember is that you are there to help. Nothing else, just help, answering the questions that your prospects want answers to. This will drive leads and traffic to your website quicker and more effectively.



Creation of a 3 month content marketing plan
The outcomes of stage one feed into the content marketing plan. Again this is about helping customers not selling to them

Delivery of a 3 month email marketing campaign
A scheduled calendar of content will be emailed out weekly for a 12 week period.

the cost of these marketing bundles depends on the size and scale of your business.

The bigger the business the more there is to uncover and consider which in turn takes more time, hence the uplift in costs.

Also different businesses require differing levels of investment in time, the bigger the business, the more stakeholders and opinions and customers to consider.

For that reason we have broken the marketing bundles down into 3 groups. These groups are based on employee numbers which we feel demonstrate scale of offer, we don’t need to see your balance sheet.



1  – 6 employee’s

You are either a brand new business or in your infancy. You are finding your feet in the market or are about to jump in. You know what you want to do and who you want to talk to but have no idea how to articulate it in words, let alone creating a visual and tonal expression of it which isn’t just window dressing. This is a trap many new startups fall into, they spend all of the money on everything else and don’t invest in the one thing which supports the company’s future success.


£3,500 - £6,500


scale up

6 – 15 employee’s

You are beginning to be established in the market and as you are growing leaks are appearing in how you need to communicate to your audience. They have become more demanding and expect more from you. 

You know you need to change things up and reflect on where you have got too. You have achieved the first stage vision and are not sure whats’s next. 

Also, the brand identity is feeling tired and as your business has grown and changed, it doesn’t really amplify your offer now.


£6,500 - £10,500



20+ employee’s

You are an established business that has a strong foothold in your marketing place. You may have plateaued or your competition is beginning to eat into your customer base and you need to refresh or reposition your business for future success. 

A change of management or staff turn over indicates something needs to change but you are unsure of how best to deliver that change for the benefit of the business moving forward.


£10,500 - £15,500


We are delighted with the work Anecdote have done for us. The brand is great and the new website really sets us apart from the competition.

Mustafa Tyebkhan, Co-founder, CineArk

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