Poochies is a novelty box of humorous dog poop bags. It was created of the back of the rise in dog owners across the UK who are having to endure the daily routine of picking up their dog’s poop.

The idea
Smile before you pick up the pile
Poochies asked us to bring to life their idea for this novelty gift. What a fun project to be involved with. We first explored messages for the bags and then went onto to develop packaging which would really pop on shelf, in store. We devised the line ‘Smile before you keep up the pile’ as a way of bring the whole product experience to life. The product was stocked in a range of boutique dog grooming shops around London and also sold on Amazon.

The results
Instagram became a great platform for promoting Poochies and produced instant results through their Amazons store with 20-30 sales per day with regular daily postings. 


Brand identity
Packaging design
Printed collateral
Advertising campaign  


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