It's a dog's life

The Stately Hound is a home and lifestyle brand for deserving dogs and their proud owners.

It's a dog's life

The Stately Hound is a home and lifestyle brand for deserving dogs and their proud owners.


The Stately Hound

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The Stately Hound, a luxury home and lifestyle brand for deserving dogs and their proud owners came to Anecdote for help with their branding. Creative in their own right, The Stately Hound was on a mission to hero the best designers and makers from across the UK.


The Challenge

They had a great name and ethos and knew exactly what they wanted to do, but they needed some help bringing the whole thing to life visually.

The company had great ideas for products, but they needed some expert help on how to create the right logo and bring all their thinking together in a coherent visual framework.

When it comes to any luxury item business brand, the perception of the quality of the product plays a pivotal role in how the business goes to market. The bottom line is, great branding adds a lot to the bottom line.


The plan

We started out creating paragraphs of copy and visual mood boards to understand what the business represented in a brand sense, ‘Championing the best of what British dog designers and makers have to offer.’

We wanted to understand their differences and why what they were doing was important, ‘We believe providing unique, high-quality products which have been ethically sourced is what customers want.’

We created a set of values that would become a sounding board when working with other businesses, with a vision for the bigger picture, ‘Enriching the connections between people, their dogs, nature, and the modern world.’

All this thinking led to a playful position of ‘It’s a dog’s life’, which would become a springboard into how we explored the brand visually.

The results

We went through a number of iterations to get to the final logo design. The owner had 3 dachshunds so we had to look there first as it was crying out to be explored.

The final logo was one that exudes confidence and understated quality. It works across all brand touchpoints due to its simplicity, at small-scale digital, across packaging, and on the products themselves.

We loved working on this project and since launching, The Stately Hound continues to go from strength to strength.


“It was a pleasure working with Bruce, he was very professional and helpful!”

Jake Lawrence, Co-founder, The Stately Hound

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