Bruce Smith

Anecdote founder

The two most important words in business today

For this week’s bite-sized marketing help we’ll lift the lid on the two most important words in business today.

They may already be part of yours but we’ll give you some ideas of how you can use them in your marketing to help pull your audience closer to you.

We’ll also talk a bit about the psychology of the customer and their expectations. 
We’re not going to hang around waiting to tell you what the two most important words in business are today, you may have already seen them.
They are:-

Honesty and transparency

Now, you may be going, oh big deal, like I didn’t know that already?
But my question to you is how are those words being amplified within your company not from a brand message viewpoint but within the functionality of the business?
For example, the second-hand car business has a notorious reputation for getting one over on the customer.
When you go to buy a second-hand car, you are nervous, you’re never quite sure if you’re going to buy a lemon. You have to haggle, you’re never quite sure what you’re getting. 
This industry is a great example of not being honest and transparent…
But, the tide is turning, companies like Cinch and Cazoo are doing the exact opposite of what people expect in the second hand car industry.
They offer customers a week long money-back guarantee. The price is the price, no haggling, all vehicles a checked before sale.
These companies provide great examples of how to use the two most important words in business today; honesty and transparency.
It drives growth, revenue and profit into business not by saying we’re honest and transparent, but by making it a fundamental part of how the business operates.
Psychologically for the customer it’s massive. Here is a company within an industry which has a questionable reputation, a business who is taking away all of their concerns. 
They are answering and solving all of the questions the customer wants answered. It’s the ultimate in building brand trust and advocacy. The golden elixir for any business worth its salt. 
Does that make sense? Can you now see how powerful these two words are and the impact they can have on your bottom line?
So with that in mind, have a good think about your business. How could you plug honesty and transparency into the customer journey of your business?
Spend an afternoon, research your industry and see how you can bring them in. It could be by offering guarantees on your products or services, it could be as simple as posting a video on your website and socials about your business, front of house and behind the scene.
Leave no stone unturned, the customer will appreciate your openness and trust will be built.
Well, that’s it. Was this useful? Please let us know. We want to create content that better informs you and helps you in the long run. If you need any further support please get in touch.
Thanks for reading right to the end. We know you’re busy and we really respect your time so hopefully, the fact that you’ve got to here means that you’ve found it worthwhile.