Accelerating Growth

Tribeca provide IT solutions tailored for business growth

Accelerating Growth

Tribeca provide IT solutions tailored for business growth



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Tribeca provides global, specialist IT Managed Services & Consultancy to the Alternative Investment Industry from our offices in London, New York, and Hong Kong.

Anecdote collaborated on this project with Bee Herd a leading marketing provider in Kent. Tribeca is one of its valued customers. Anecdote’s role was to help reposition Tribeca’s brand verbally and visually.


The Challenge

The specialist IT services space moves at an incredible rate, meaning keeping up with changing technologies and customers’ demands is an evolving process.

Tribeca was not new on the block and has been around since 2007. During that time they like many others hadn’t been able to keep up with the pace of technological change appearing in the marketplace.

Tribeca had amazing referrals and to date has never lost a customer but they knew they needed to focus more on the outcomes of what they offered alongside investing more in new technologies.

New business was coming in but they had big growth plans and to achieve these they needed to reposition their offer to the market and tell a different story. Their own Tribeca story.

Not doing this would keep them in the same position, facing the same obstacles they had faced to date.


The plan

Differentiation. We wanted to get into the minds of their customers to understand what it is they wanted and marry that up with the outcomes of the services and technologies Tribeca offered. 

We presented 4 different Brand purposes and positionings to them based on the outputs from the interrogation workshop Bee Herd had worked through with them.

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One was a clear winner. ‘Growth Accelerators’. We realised from the workshop outputs and diving into the minds of their customers, this was something Tribeca could own.

With a new brand repositioned verbally it was now time to move on to the visual part of the business’s brand.

Sometimes evolving something can be the smartest thing to do. And in the case of Tribeca that was the case. 

We updated the typography, tweaked the icon on their logo, and reworked and developed a completely new set of branded applications all brought together in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.

To bring the new positioning to life we worked with Bee Herd and to themoonmarketing to create a Tribeca vision video to promote the new Tribeca story.


The results

We continue to work with Bee Herd and Tribeca on many projects big and small as they continue to develop and grow their offer in the marketplace.

Delivered in partnership with Bee Herd Ltd


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