Let anecdote help your business market itself more effectively in 2022

Anecdote is a creative marketing provider who exists to create customer demand for your business. 

We work with marketing consultants, marketing departments and growing businesses across the South East, helping them to achieve their goals and objectives.

We work on the premise that great marketing is ‘Creativity + The numbers’. 

We create and deliver interesting and intelligent marketing solutions which generate engagement, leads and sales for our customers.

This is at the heart of our philosophy. We unify and maximise the power of businesses brands, plugging them into customer focussed website design and development which creates a platform to deliver effective digital campaigns which generate traffic and leads. 

We can help with defining a content marketing plan and deliver strategic email marketing campaigns but we don’t offer paid social, Google ads/PPC or any social media services. We can’t provide the standard’s required so we don’t offer it as a service.

We will always be honest, down the line and extremely hard working. Not forgetting fun to work with!

What makes anecdote different from everyone else?

We specialise in what we’re good at. Where a lot of agencies go wrong is by offering every service under the sun. The results are mediocre.

Now, I’m sure you want more than mediocre. Our pedigree is rooted in branding, before setting up Anecdote, we worked nationally branding National Parks, Counties and Historic destinations in London.

We have taken this experience and upskilled to plug that into modern, customer focussed website experiences.

Again, a lot of web design agencies are great at coding and the technical side of a website but fall down when trying to provide branding as part of their offer as they don’t have the experience.

This is where we make big gains for you and your business. We can deliver proper branding and proper customer focussed website experiences.

What anecdote offer

Here’s what we offer:-

Trusted branding and creative marketing
A strong truthful brand which is calibrated to maximise the key business objectives. A brand everybody within that business understands and believes in. One which key audiences are drawn back to again and again. 

Trusted website design and development
A website which amplifies and celebrates the brand, focusing wholeheartedly on delivering on the key objectives of the business through a user experience built around the customer. 

When you maximise the potential of these key creative attributes, businesses thrive and grow for the long term. This is the reason we set up Anecdote. To bring these services together to create demand for business, no matter which sector they find themselves in. Our focus is to help our customers retain and gain new customers.

anecdote pricing structure

Our pricing structure flexes to the services you require. Our typical price range for the services we offer range from £1500 up to £7500.

We pride ourselves on complete honesty and transparency and being flexible as possible with any project we undertake. The key for us is that the output drives customer demand and creates leads and new business for you.

Below provides two ways we can work but we are adaptable to your requirements:-

Project by project
Depending on your requirements we can work on a project by project bases. Once we understand the brief we will determine the hours required to complete the work and create a budget cost for the project. 

A monthly retainer
If you require ongoing support we can work with you on allocating a set number of hours month to month for which you can use at your discretion. At the end of each week you would be provided with a break down of where the hours were spent. You can adjust the hours depending on requirements or roll them over to the following month.

Providing exceptional VALUE and service

Anecdote provides a full list of agency services without the big agency fees:

Cost effectiveness
We are a small, lean and productive team. We don’t have the overheads of a well-established agency, meaning we can deliver real value for our clients at pace.

Customer service
Our working hours are 9 – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We are a phone call or email away. We work in a way which best suits our clients, whether that’s phone, email or WhatsApp.

Agile creativity and artworking
We produce a consistently high standard of work across the board. It’s built into our DNA as creative communications experts.

Convenience and reliability
Knowing that the agency is responsive and at the end of the phone is vital for any business worth their salt.


Below provides an overview of the brand and creative communications services we offer. If something is not on the list, let us know, we may still be able to help or point you in the right direction of someone who can.

A trusted brand identity
Your purpose, values, character, narrative and market position. Logo, tone of voice, colours, typography, graphic assets, photography

Visual identity
Logo, colours, typography, photography

Create ownership for your business through authentic images, not stock photography

The symbol of your business

Advertising campaigns
Creating demand for the service or products you are selling

Print communications
Business Cards
Flyer’s, Posters, Banners
Brochures, Catalogues
Business Reports
Menu Design
Print Advertising
Presentation Design
Event Graphics
T-shirt Graphics
Photo Editing


User experience web design
Wireframes and design which focus on the needs of your customers

WordPress development
A world leading content management system which provides you with the power to edit, update and add copy when required

Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Maximising the potential of organic reach. You can have all the tools in the world but the priority is great content. Great content will build a stronger Google ranking for the long term. No one said it was easy.

Onsite content production
Writing and creating content for your website. Defining strategies to make sure your content is better and more compelling than your competitors.

Landing pages
Drive leads and conversions by creating landing pages set up to track and convert customers through specific digital campaigns

Email marketing
Deployed alongside other channels, email marketing works when you have something great to offer the recipient. Not just selling!

Animated gifs/animation
Bring life to your digital adverts as well as your organic and paid social campaigns

Digital communications
Banner Ads
Static Display Ads
Email Banners
Thumbnail Images
Social Media Graphics
Blog Banners


As a small or medium sized business, budgets vary as do time frames. Anecdote understand that. Our aim is always to help bring answers rather than questions to any project we take on, providing agility and convenience at each stage of a projects lifecycle. 

Filling out the form below will help us respond quickly and more efficiently to your requirements.


We’ll provide key insights in to the branding process, a process which is practical and straight forward.

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